White Balance (Coming in 2018)

Greer Aspen has fought tooth and toenail to establish herself as a successful real estate photographer in San Francisco.  Six years after leaving Beaufort, South Carolina she reluctantly returns to plan her uncle’s funeral and tidy up loose ends involving litigations with the reform school he operated.

Greer’s expectations of a swift trip to her hometown are quickly squelched by the suspicious circumstances surrounding the fire that caused her uncle’s death.  With no explanation for the catalyst of the fatal fire, she begins investigating into the matter, shocked when she discovers her uncles recent plunge into debt and eccentric behavior.

As she delves deeper, she uncovers something shocking from the Aspen family’s venerated past that threatens to change the way she views her childhood, her family and herself.  At every turn, Greer finds herself conflicted with what to believe and who to trust.  She finds herself entangled in a culture she never fit into, ensnared by her southern roots.

And southern roots run deep.